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Our main interest is Digital Archival Photo Restoration and Reproduction!

We are a professional service! We use professional technology and large format scanning equipment.

We have years of professional experience and training along with good old-fashioned artistry.

Your old photos are given our undivided attention with the maximum care. Your photos NEVER leave us and not mailed somewhere else Our work is performed in-house.

You will be given the best possible museum quality, long-lasting reproduction of your cherrished photos, at affordable prices and to your specifications.

We use state-of-the-art professional equipment.

We can create and design artistic layouts of your restored images - montages (see below)

Our process is friendly for the environment, using no harsh chemicals to go down the drain. We recycle all used waste material.

FREE in-home evaluation and FREE pick-up and deliver in Greensboro and surrounding area - NO extra charge.

Forrest Photography & Graphics is a professional photo service licensed since the late 1960's, whose primary interest is in photo restoration and photojournalism.

Your photos are NOT sent out as with some drug stores and other businesses. Your photos never leave us. Your final prints are produced by us and not outsourced. We handle each antique photo with extreme care to prevent any further damage. Our reproductions are made by Giclee´ printing on high quality archival museum quality materials. Since we produce our own prints, changes can be made if the final restoration if it is not to your liking. Occasionally, we do collaborate with other artists for advice and hard-to-color reproductions to provide you with the highest quality work. Finished prints are long-lasting and will not fade if displayed under normal conditions. Large bevel/oval prints are a speciality. We have devised a special technique and equipment in whcih these old bevel prints are scanned to preserve as much of the photo as possible.

Unlike in-store processing equipment, we can provide multiple services on your cherished photo with individual attention to each picture. Our own custom large format scanning techniques, state-of-the art equipment and software gives the highest quality digital images for restoration. Our process is environmentally friendly, not using harsh chemicals to be disposed of after use. We recycle.

Your photos always receive our special individual and undivided attention! Once you photos are restored, we retain your digital files on our computer system for later reprints. You only pay for the restoration once. No minimum order on reprints.

Since we are a small business, we can offer you affordable, quality, accurately restored photographs of your family treasures at a reasonable price. See some of our examples - CLICK HERE

GUARANTEE - All work printed to your specifications and guaranteed to your satisfaction.

We are happy to offer free in-home estimates for restoring your old photos and supplying you with all the prints you need.

-- Color - Black & White

-- Slides/negatives & flat prints scanned - Even large photos scanned! Retouching/Restoration is an extra charge.

-- Beveled large photos are scanned with our custom technique

-- We can design a multiple photo layout for your restored pictures

-- All photo handling done in-house

-- Lamination also offered & photo mounting

-- Free in-home estimate/delivery in Greensboro Area

Restoration is recommended for photos that are in poor shape, torn or damaged. Your photos are digitally scanned on high end state-of-the-art computer equipment, retouched/repaired. In most cases a digital enhancement can produce a reproduction near its original quality. Old photographs can, depending upon original quality, be enlarged to show-never-before seen detail. All originals are scanned in Greensboro and are not out-sourced. Your original photo can be in the form of a print, negative or slide. We must have the original print - we DO NOT work from a copy of any kind.

Restoration $55.00 (Min.) each photo

Free Estimates (includes scan cost)
Includes 1 print up to 8 X 10

High Resolution Scans of an image $25 each - no restoration or retouching

5 x 7 --- $7.50
8 x 10 --- $12.50
11 x 14 --- $17.50
12 x 18--- $27.50
16X20 --- $45.00
Large photos will be priced on request

Glossy or Matte papers -Photo archival quality Giclee´ prints produced to our exacting standards on high quality professional equipment.

Large volume print orders are quoted on a per order basis.

Unlike some printing methods that are not permanent, our work uses high quality archival materials. Each print is a lasting copy of your old photo that Will Not Fade if displayed under normal conditions, properly framed & matted.

Your new copies may also be treated with a protective coating
to prevent the ravages of daily enviromental exposure.

We'll be glad to provide you with a printed copy of our display suggestions and safe keeping of your photos, upon completition of your order. If you wish your order mailed, postage and handling is an additional charge.

A CD can be an easy way to share your treasures safely with other family members. We offer a computer CD containing all of your scans (Mac or PC), with both a high res file (300 DPI) and a low res file (72 DPI). The low res photos are compatible with most family tree and photo programs.
First CD free with initial order $5.00 each additional CD

We can design and create a montage layout of several photos on one sheet.
Typesetting along with the layout is included in the cost. Single scan price applies to each photo along with restoration prices if so desired.
This can be a fun way to display your old photos in single unit frameable print.

$22.50 one-time set up charge per layout - prints extra

Comments From Our Customers . . . . . .


"My mother-in-law, Betty Jean Stansbury, was quite the artist. I never had the opportunity to meet her since she has been deceased for 31 years. My husband, John, had an original piece of art work she had given him when he was a child. It was stolen out of his house years ago. Over the course of the past several months, I was able to track down an original piece of art work she had painted that his brother had in his home, had it digitally photographed and emailed to me. I presented the photo as an attachment to an email to Tom Forrest.

Tom said the original print must be in terrible condition because the photo showed water marks, streaks, etc., which I was not able to see on my computer. Tom and his expertise cleaned up the photo, enhanced the size and brought the picture back to what the original art work looked like - as if it were freshly painted!! The picture you see on the left is the result of the beautiful work Tom did - and, of course, my very surprised husband on Christmas morning!

I want to thank you, Tom, from the bottom of my heart for the incredible work you did in helping me surprise my husband by restoring a piece of his childhood that will never be forgotten! May God bless you.

Many blessings from a very happy customer -- Jill Piekiel "

John Piekiel with framed reproduction, Christmas, 2006


"Your work has made it possible for me to preserve for my family and the families of others, several generations of photographs that were faded and lost forever. These photographs have now become part of a genealogy project that have been working on for some time.
In addition, the repair techniques you have used on torn, damaged and faded photos, bring to life figures that would have otherwise been lost forever.
We appreciate and recommend to others the work you have done for us.”

Doug Wright
Jamestown, NC

We do not copy present day studio photographs or copyrighted material without a completed copyright release from.
Prices Effective 8/1/10

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