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Jockey's Ridge Sunset, featured in the November, 2007 Issue of Our State - (cover on left)
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April, 2008 edition

Thomas Forrest is a featured photographer in the February, April, and June, 2007 issues of "Our State" Magazine and the Summer edition of "Signature" magazine (published by "Our State".) See the the features about the "The Enchanted Florist" in February and Greenville, North Carolina, in the April issue. Also Greenville, NC was featured in the "Signature" magazine. In addition read about Southern dining at "Mrs. Lacy's Magnolia House Team Room" in Sanford (page 201) in the Apri, 2007 issue. In the April, 2008 issue, floweres were featured.

Watch for more upcoming features in "Our State" & Signature magazines.


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